Laser Cutting, Marking & Engraving
Permanent marking is achieved by modern laser technologies that ensure permanent branding and marking solutions. Applications include decorative marking or branding, serialisation of goods, personalisation of gift items, etc.

Laser and scratch engraving adds value to your promotional products as the result is often subtle and more elegant than traditional printing or branding techniques. With the further addition of our NdYag engraving machines, it is possible to mark metals quicker and more cost effectively
We, the 2BLUE team pride ourselves in delivering a quality end product and expert advice, whilst meeting reasonable deadlines.

The range of materials used in the manufacture of promotional goods are endless. Quality of materials and manufacture processes change constantly, therefore should you be unsure of which process you require to brand your item, give our team a call. Chances are, we have processed the material before and can advise you to the engrave-ability of the material.
If not, doing a test on the material is always the safest bet! Just remember: Not everything is engrave-able, but we will do our best in advising you in your options. Experienced graphic designers and engravers are available to cater to your needs and provide any technical information you may require.
Before you dive in - we can not cut metals, glass, vinyl  or polyethelyne products of any kind.